Eat. Drink. Live.

We bring the richness of the region right to your table.



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exotic selection of fine wines
from the Hungarian region
of Tokaji are world renowned.

The Finest Wines

Tokaji Wine Boutique is home to the finest wines in the world. From our family to yours....

Tokaji Wine Boutique + Restaurant was conceived from the premise that all great places have great things to share. Now you can purchase a bottle of wine and take it home with you. Hungarian food and wine has been influential for centuries, a region which has been catering to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal family since the beginning.

TOKAJI WINE BOUTIQUE + RESTAURANT is the first of it`s kind in North America. Bringing the richness of the region right to your table. Hungarian delicacies coupled with the most complimentary wine for the dish, TOKAJI prides itself in delivering a truly fine dining experience with all of the old school Hungarian practices.

We hope you enjoy TOKAJI Wine Boutique + Restaurant and make it a family tradition.



If your life was a song, it would be a never ending road of musical good times.


Sándor Balla

Sándor is of Hungarian origin. Being born in the regions of Transylvania, Sándor is a free spirited country man. After deciding with a childhood friend to bring Hungarian culture to Canada through their wines, spirits and foods. Enter; Tokaji Wine Boutique + Restaurant. His passion to cater to the people around him is unparalleled. A first of it's kind in North America, not only will you be able to sit and enjoy a gourmet dinner with great wines, you will be able to purchase a bottle and take it home with you. He loves his family and friends and puts his certification on this wonderful dining experience.

Norbert Ne

Norbert has 20 years experience, along side Sándor he fostered the development of Tokaji Wine Boutique + Restaurant. Carefully crafting a Hungarian menu with wine pairing solutions to give you the best Hungarian experience possible. He runs the restaurant on a daily basis and makes sure the quality is always up to the original standards which Sándor Balla expects.


The Kitchen

In the kitchen we have our two lovely Hungarian born lady chefs. When they are cooking in the Tokaji Kitchen it is as though they are cooking for their own families. Bringing the old tradition practices to prepare and serve these fine Hungarian delicacies. The Hungarian gastro selections are simple, but the preparation and seasoning is what brings you back home and the dishes to life.




Eat. Drink. Live.

7887 Weston Rd.

Vaughan, ON L4L 1A6

Tel: 905.851.7877

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